Thursday, June 23, 2011


  We had our first nutrition class today, and was encouraged today to learn that we have to watch callorie consumption but we are encouraged to look at portions and do carb/ fat / protien counting.  As a nurse with frequent diabetic patients, I am familiar with carb counting.  It had been about 2 years ago that I was put on Glucophage for high insulin levels but I was never told to take a diabetic class just decrease my amount of sugar intake, so I was  able to coast along in blissful ignorance as to how many carbs and sugars I was really taking in.  This challenge now has me being accountable for all that.
   Not to mention the accountability of now having friends, family and even CO-WORKERS knowing that I am part of the 100 day Heart Challenge, and will be watching and hopefully asking about the changes I am triing to make.

Friday, June 17, 2011

Feeling good

     Well, I have been keeping track of my food intake since Monday and yesterday I started to look at portion sizes- Did you know 18 low salt pretzels is one serving?  Yes my kids laughed when I had my 4 year old counting out pretzels to put in zip lock bags for snacks.  I don't see my trainer until Monday (3 more days) and the nutrition class isn't until next Thrusday, but so far I am feeling good, watching the portions sizes and being more accountable for every thing I put in my mouth by writing it down. 
     I just had a student nurse with me the last month and she shared her blog spot with me.  It has some good looking recipies and words of advice.  Check it out, here it is
Good luck to all my other 100 day challengers!

Thursday, June 16, 2011

Starting out.

     My name is Autumn, and I am a Registered Nurse at American Fork Intensive Care Unit.  I have been with that department for a little over a year, but I have been with Intermountain for over 14 years now in various departments.  I am married to a wonderful man who makes me smile every day, and have 3 children.  Years 8,10,4  two boys with a girl in the middle. 
     I am only 33, but some days feel much older.  I have seen the 100 Day Heart Challenge in the Intermountain newsletter for a few years now, and when it came around again I thought I really should apply to give me the motivation to acually make a change.  When it came to the question of "What is your cholesterol?"  I had no idea.  Then the question "What is your blood pressure?"  Well that has always been normal, but I was at work and decided to check it.  I was shocked when it read 158/105.  I continued to check it randomly and at home several times over the next few days only to have it consistantly read high so I make the dreaded Dr. appt. and was put on medication.  My wonderful Dr. sat down with me told me my cholesterol was too high, now I had high blood pressure, and reminded me that I was already on Glucophage for high insulin levels.  He gently said I was very overweight then proceeded to ask "You're an ICU nurse right? You know the timeline and the results if you don't make a real change starting now". 
     5 days later I got a notice from Janet inviting me to become part of the 100 day heart challenge.  I have been given a wonderful opportunity with overwhelming amount of support and motivation to make that change.  I plan on taking full advantage of  it and making those changes now to be the best healthiest me possible.